Manny Pacquiao a True Humanitarian

Jonathan TrinidadContributor IOctober 15, 2009

In the recent news; the weather all over the world; has caused flooding in Samoa; the Philippines, and other countries.In America we have the recession hanging over our heads each day; but in this third world country where my parents came from; their daily struggles just became even harder.The massive flooding has created endless destruction for those people who were already living on less than adequate means.

As a long time boxing fan; I have watched in awe like most Filipinos how Manny Pacquiao; has dominated 6 different weight classes. Now he's taking the fight back for his country; helping his countrymen during this turbulent time of need.

Manny took time off from his training for his fight next month; to provide money; food; clothing; and shelter for the many Filipinos in desperate need.

Manny was once in the same situation; poor; homeless; and struggling to survive; but now as a successful boxer he's giving back to his fellow country men. The only media source stateside mentioning his selfless efforts;was ESPN.

He's a humble man; who never talks big; or asking the world to crown him the greatest boxer that ever lived. This man isn't just an awesome boxer; he's a humanitarian; the people's champion.

A symbol for the rest of the world; on how we should give back.  He continues to accomplish the impossible;without looking for media attention; or praise from the  general public.

In my eyes this man; Manny Pacquiao is the best pound for pound; because he gave back when no one asked him to.