Toronto Maple Leafs: Lets Stop Talking about Brian Burke Already!

Shane HouseAnalyst IJune 4, 2008

I am sorry, but if I hear one more thing about Brian Burke coming to Toronto, I am going to snap. Yes, he only has one year left on his contract, and yes, we did hire Ron Wilson but guess what?

Even without Brian Burke, Ron Wilson is qualified for the job.

Ron Wilson has a history of re-building teams and has had success wherever he goes.  He was bound to be hired somewhere, and it just happened to be Toronto.

So what if maybe he is going be hired with the intent of luring Brian Burke, who cares, we get it media. Toronto wants Brian Burke but who wouldn't he is a good GM.

The point is is that we all get it. Stop talking about it and move on. There are more important things for the Leafs to deal with at this point and time. Like for say the draft? Free Agency? Mats Sundin even!

Yes, I know some people will say well a GM is important for this team, but you wanna know something? Cliff Fletcher can handle things until we find the RIGHT man for the job whether it be Brian Burke or whoever.

All I want is the media to just stop talking about it and move on already.  There are more important issues for the Leafs to deal with.