Dick Jauron No Longer on The Hot Seat...Time For a Coaching Change Now!

Robert Quinn@@RQuinn619Correspondent IOctober 15, 2009

I am done with Dick Jauron's emotionless pressers, encouraging lifelong Bills fans that they have a chance at the post season. There is no other way to put it; Dick Jauron must go. The players insist they support the coach, but he makes the worst game-time decisions of any coach I have ever watched, and that is saying a lot in Buffalo.

    He stands emotionless on the sidelines, in his creepy sunglasses, week in and week out, not motivating players, and not managing the game. He constantly wastes timeouts. He runs on 3rd and long. He passes on 3rd and short. The Bills will drive down the field, only to result in a punt or a field goal, simply due to the fact that Dick Jauron cannot manage a football game.

Even recently fired coordinator stated, ''He wants a 'Pop Warner' offense,'' Schonert fumed after his dismissal. ''He limited me in formations, and limited me in plays. He's been on my back all off season.''

In Sundays disgusting 6-3 loss to the equally disgusting Cleveland Browns, the Bills suffered 13 penalties, and were embarrassed by another winless Miami 38-10 the previous week.

    With many coaching candidates available, Ralph Wilson Jr. needs to step up and make a move. And he better do it soon. It's gotten so bad that a website www.firedickjauron.com has raised $1,200 to have a digital billboard facing the Bills office urging management to get rid of him.