Why The St. Louis Cardianls Willl Not Sign Matt Holiday. :(

Patrick SchoemehlContributor IOctober 15, 2009

We all can say that Matt Holiday droped a ball in the playoffs and that might of been the reason for our exit for the playoffs were so early but everyone drops fly balls all the time.  Franklin should have been able to get one more out that is what in ALL STAR CLOSER is supposed to do!!

But, thats not what i am here for today.  I am here to tell you why the St. Louis Cardinals might not sign Matt Holiday.  First the Cardinals have a thirty day period where they can make a deal and talk with Matt before anyone else can so we are going to try to make a deal with him.

Me and many other people think that if Holiday hits the open market that he will not come back to St. Louis.  I would love for him to come back but i just dont think that he will if he hits the open market.

You might be thinking right now wow this really sucks we are not going to sign Holiday well there could be some good things to come out of this.

1) we save money and that is something that we really need to do knowing that we are going to have to sign Pojuls to an extension in a year or so.

2) There are other left feilders out there that we could get for equal or lesser money that are just as good as Holiday or if not better some names that come to mind are Jason Bay of the Boston Red Sox i always thought he was better in the natonial league anyway and he could come back home coming to St. Louis.

Please read and let me know what you think

thanks Patrick