Chapter 11: "Rivalry Renewed"

Anthony Davis Correspondent IJune 4, 2008

Tomorrow, the next chapter of this historic rivalry begins. The best from the west, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the beast from the east, the Boston Celtics, are going at it for the eleventh time to decide the most prestigious trophy in sports history.

Between these two teams they have showcased the most noteworthy match-ups in NBA history; from Bill Russell vs Wilt Chamberlain to Magic Johnson vs Larry Bird. Now Boston's Big 3 of Allen, Garnett, Pierce face LA's Big 3 of Gasol, Bryant, and Odom.

While analyzing this series, there are plenty of matchups to look out for, but the matchup I am going to be looking at, which is going to be the key in taking this chapter, are the benches of the Celtics and Lakers. I believe that the Boston Celtics have the deeper bench and will go on to take this series in a hard fought seven games.