Penn State Vs Minnesota Maybe Closer Then What PSU Fans Want To Believe

Jamie RubbContributor IOctober 15, 2009

This Saturday in Happy Valley could be a bigger game then what PSU fans want to believe.  The Minnesota Golden Gophers Travel into state college this weekend looking for something to prove. At 4-2 the Gophers have proved they can play with some very good ball teams. September 19th the gophers played a Cal team that eventually won, but the 35 to 21 score isn't a reflection of how close of a game it was. They also played Wisconsin close, a big ten team that year in and year out produces winning records. This week the lions host the gophers, which could be a challenge for the Blue, who have yet to show the nation they can win a big game. This week against the Gophers many may not think it's a big game considering the 16 1/2 point spread. This game could play out to be a great Big ten match up. The weather in Happy Valley will be suspect. Rain is in the forecast once again and with a slight temperature drop could see some snow. The lions need to set the tone early and dominate the line of scrimmage. If the score is close into the second half this gopher team could find a way to win.  Penn State will need their leaders, Clark, Royster, and Powell, to step up and dictate the tone of this game. The Lions need to show they can close the game and this weeks test is a good start to the rest of the big ten schedule. This is a game Penn State should win but it's also a game they could let slip away. Look for the lions O line to open the lanes and let Royster run free. Look for Chaz Powell to be involved in shifty plays that make the defense make cuts on a water soaked field causing confusion. This is a must win for the Lions