I Am The Miz and I Am........Better Than John Morrison!

Patrick SchoemehlContributor IOctober 14, 2009

hi i was sitting here on my computer thinking on what to write an article about and i came across the perfect idea a  john morrison and the miz article.  First of all we must of really know that out of there characters the miz and morrison are very good friends and they do alot of things together with there women melina and maryse. LOL.

we all also know that anounced this past monday that the miz will take on morriosn at the wwe next ppv bragging rights in two weeks.  The miz did talk alot of trash about morrison but morrison got the miz right back on friday night smackdown where they will host an edition of the dirt cheap (spoiler sorry!).

Personally on my level i see the miz being a much better superstar then john morrison.  Know i know tht there are those baby face lovers that say oh morrison is amazing and i only hate miz because he always walks around saying im AWESOME!

Well look at it people the miz is awesome.  He has been on a role latley winning the us title from kofi a week ago on raw and then having back to back wins to make him look every good.  I like they way wwe has booked hima nd also swagger i have a feeling we will be seeing then duke it out in the near future. 

The Miz does have better abillity then morrison but morrison does have the high flying atvanage so he will have to make sure he does not get caught or what not but i rele hope wwe books miz to win this match cuz if miz losses he will go way down and if they give morrison one  lose he will be fine he can deal with it!

and its cuz i am THE MIZ and i am.....AWESOME!

please let me know what you think

and thanks for reading.