Run-Blocking Diagrams

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Run-Blocking Diagrams

This slideshow is a companion piece to my recent article, "Offensive Line Basics Part II: Run Blocking and The Colts Line."

It contains diagrams of the different blocking techniques discussed in the piece.

Here is a link to the main article:

Here is a portion of the piece to whet your appetites:

"To understand why the Colts are ranked 29th in the league running the ball, you have to understand the basics of run blocking.

When you have a Pro-Bowl running back, an explosive backup running back as your No. 2, and you can only average around 3.8 yards a carry, something is wrong with your offensive line.

The Basics:

For the most part, the way offensive lineman run-block is different than from the way they pass-block, although there is some overlap in the two different styles of blocking.

The biggest trait the two styles of blocking have in common is aggressiveness.

An offensive lineman should always strive to be more physical than his opponent; if not, he will lose the battle every time.

One of the first things an offensive lineman must learn, the thing that run blocking is all about, is he must be able to “to blow the defender off the ball.” An offensive lineman should hit the defender with such force that he actually pushes him back towards his own goal line.

Next time you see a running play that goes for big yards, you will see an offensive linemen who pushed the defenders out of the way, creating huge running lanes for the ball carrier. This is why run blocking is usually taught before pass blocking: Coaches want players to develop that physical and mental aggressiveness so critical to playing on the offensive line. Once this trait is developed, it carries over to pass blocking.

An offensive lineman has a lot to learn about different ways to frustrate and defeat a defensive lineman. However, before he learns the techniques and blocks necessary to do this, he must master the key to success.

He needs to be able to move with great quickness on the snap count...."

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