Is WWE Diva Mickie James a Falling Star?

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Is WWE Diva Mickie James a Falling Star?

WWE Diva Mickie James is headed to Friday night Smackdown as part of a tri-branded WWE diva swap. Before the trade was announced Mickie lost her Divas Championship to Jillian Hall in a very poorly executed match that was supposed to look as if Jillian cheated by using the ropes during the pin.

After the match it was announced that Melina was headed to Raw and initially I wondered how the two "face" divas would be able to co-exist on the same show. But my curiosity was cured after the show ended when we found out that Mickie was headed to Smackdown.

Mickie's performance as of late in what seemed to be the main factor in her move. Stemming from a live match against Gail Kim that saw Mickie very upset about the miscues and mistakes made by Kim, including a botched finale that saw Mickie improvise and allegedly ended up causing a minor injury to Kim.

She has been very hit and miss in her matches since the incident and with rumors circulating that her weight and appearance are unsatisfactory as of late, it's no surprise that she is being moved out of the live spotlight.

I for one have always appreciated the way Mickie looks, she isn't the skin and bones diva that seems to be favored within the WWE and she is extremely athletic and easily the most technically sound diva in the WWE.

But the move doesn't hold much promise for Mickie, she has reportedly be unhappy for a while and I wouldn't be surprised if she suffered and "injury" to give her some time off to re-evaluate her career.

In any event, I am a huge Mickie James fan and I hope that whatever happens she makes the best of it.

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