Free Agent Wish List: Carlos Delgado

Ian HunterCorrespondent IOctober 14, 2009

It seems like every hero gets a second chance at glory.

Rocky got another kick at the can, John McClain came out of retirement to kick some ass, and even good old Ma$e decided to return to the rap game. So why not have one of the most prolific Blue Jays return to claim his rightful throne? King Carlos, consider this your invitation back to Toronto.

Despite any bad blood there may have been in the past, it's all water under the bridge when it comes to Carlos Delgado. The city of Toronto and Blue Jays fans alike will always have place in their heart for Carlos, and I'm sure he feels the same way.

After spending the last five seasons with the Mets and the last six in the National League, it's time for him to come back to where he belongs—the American League and most importantly, the Toronto Blue Jays.

The situation almost creates a perfect storm that would allow the Blue Jays to sign Delgado at a reasonable price, yet gain the most value. Carlos is coming off an injury-shortened season, but prior to that he put up MVP-calibre numbers (38 HR, 115 RBI, .271 AVG) so he definitely still has some pop left in his bat.

It's unsure whether the Mets will re-sign Carlos, because it looks like they're perfectly content keeping Daniel Murphy at first base. Also, Delgado could benefit playing DH for the Blue Jays and not having to field at first base. At 37 years old, Carlos is approaching the cut-off point for aging sluggers who are more of a liability on the field than they are a benefit.

The current economy works in the Blue Jays favour to sign Delgado at a short-term contract for less than what he was paid with the Mets. It would be a far cry from the $16 million a year he previously made with the Mets. I would venture a guess that Delgado might even sign for as low as $10 million for the opportunity to play with the club that brought him into the majors.

If I were Alex Anthopolous though, I would be weary of signing Delgado longer than two years. Although it's been a while, the Frank Thomas debacle is still fresh in people's minds and I would hate to see money flushed down the drain once again.

With a DH-heavy free agent market, the time is now for the Blue Jays to lock in a designated hitter for the next couple of seasons. Next year's crop doesn't look too much better, and the team would be better served to move Adam Lind out of the DH spot and try to develop his skills in the outfield.

Even if Carlos Delgado doesn't reclaim his throne with the Blue Jays, it will always be sitting there waiting for him to come back. And when he does, the kingdom will bow down in his presence.