Mike Sanford

Brett RichinsSenior Analyst IOctober 14, 2009

Man, I feel bad for Mike Sanford.  I think he is a good offensive coordinator that is trying to be a head coach.  We had a similar situation with Crowton except I think we had more talent on our team during Crowton’s tenure.  This year, Sanford has some talent on both sides of the ball.  But, it seems he isn’t able to put together a winning team.  He consistently loses the close games.  I’m sure there are a number of different problems within his program, but I think the biggest problem he is having is surrounding himself with talented coaches.  As a head coach you are essentially a CEO of a company.  The best CEO’s delegate and surround themselves with talented employees and managers.

Perhaps it’s hard to recruit talented coaches to Vegas?  I’m not sure what their budget is like.  But, it would appear to me that they actually have some good facilities so it can’t be all that bad.  I do know however that they don’t have a ton of support from the local populace.  I come to that conclusion only because there was probably more blue than red in the stands in Vegas this past weekend.

At any rate I feel bad for him because I think he is going to lose his job.  In order for him to keep his job he will probably either have to make it to a bowl game or knock off one of the big 3 in the MWC… and now he only has TCU and UTAH left.

What do you guys think?