Washington Redskins Struggle Again: Executive VP Cerrato Needs To Go

Darryl KingmanContributor IOctober 14, 2009

I wanted to sound off about everything that has been written lately about My Beloved Washington Redskins. I know that all of the fans are down, down, down on Dan Snyder, but besides being owner of the team, I truly believe that he is now and always has been one of the Redskins biggest fans. He just wants his team to win (and make lots of money while they are doing that). But, Mr. Snyder, your short fuse, chopping block and quick axe needs to be directed first and foremost at the top of your organization. Your fault lies in your loyalty to your Executive VP/sort of GM/ultimate yes man, Vinnie Cerrato. He has been lousy at every position he has held with the team since he has been hired. He does absolutely nothing well, with the exception of doing what you want, when you want it. His selection in free agency has cost you a ton of money, his invaluable input as to who we draft each year has been horrific and we all know how his  selection process (It couldn't be you) with head coaches has turned out. I really like Jim Zorn as a player and a QB coach, but he is much too nice a guy to be a Head Coach in the NFL and his play calling as an Offensive Guru stinks. We need a guy like a Cowher or Shanahan at the helm of our Skins and then maybe we can start to feel like those beloved days in the 80's.