“Big” Capsules Week Six

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“Big” Capsules Week Six

bigconferenceslogoBig 10

Conference Leader: Ohio State (5-1, 3-0)

Lurking: Iowa (6-0, 2-0)

Game of Last Week: Ohio State 31 vs. Wisconsin 13, a match up of two Big 10 unbeaten teams turned instead into a rout and likely reaffirmed some voter’s confidence in Ohio State, who may still have a shot at the BCS National Title game if enough pieces fall into place.

Game of Next Week: Wisconsin vs. Iowa, Wisconsin will again get a shot at a Big 10 unbeaten, hoping this time to knock off the team with the second longest winning streak in the nation.

Bowl Eligible Teams: None yet.

Big 12

Conference Leaders: Kansas (North Division; 5-0, 1-0) Texas (South Division; 5-0, 2-0)

Lurking: Nebraska (North Division; 4-1, 1-0)

Game of Last Week: Nebraska 27 vs. Missouri 12, a Thursday night game that featured one of the three match ups between ranked teams turned into a national coming out party for the Cornhuskers, now a legitimate contender for the Big 12 crown.

Game of Next Week: Texas vs. Oklahoma. Red River Shootout, need we say more?

Bowl Eligible Teams: None yet.

Big East

Conference Leader: Pittsburgh (5-1, 2-0)

Lurking: Cincinnati (5-0, 1-0)

Game of Last Week: Pittsburgh 24 vs. Connecticut 21. A match up of two one-loss Big East teams at the time, this close match up was among the best of the weekend, ending on a late 18-yard field goal to give the Panthers the win, and the conference lead.

Game of Next Week: Cincinnati vs. South Florida. A ranked match up in the Big East is unusual these days, so this Thursday night match up between two 5-0 teams will likely be these teams only chance to impress until bowl season.

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