Tiger Woods: Nobody Watches Hockey Anymore

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IJune 4, 2008

Golf Great Should Stick to What He Knows

Tiger Woods made a statement that nobody watches hockey anymore.


I don't watch a lot of hockey anymore, either, Tiger, but to say that NOBODY is watching is a completely ignorant and uninformed comment to make in public.

Consider this...

NHL.com gets more hits than any website connected to the four major team sports.

Over the past decade the NHL has expanded to 30 teams in 27 cities. They have several large TV contracts and attendance is healthy.

They also are getting prime-time play from NBC for the Stanley Cup Finals. These finals went from what seemed to be a cakewalk for the Detroit Red Wings to what could be a classic, memorable series. The 3OT game on Monday alone will never be forgotten.

So Tiger, please concentrate on what you know bestgolf and counting your money.