Rudy Gobert Subtweets Gordon Hayward to Stay with the Utah Jazz

Rivea RuffContributorJuly 1, 2017

The Utah Jazz really want to keep Gordon Hayward around.Β 

The 27-year-old forward entered free agency after opting out of his contract, and he immediately began getting pitched by NBA heavyweights like the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat.

Teammate Rudy Gobert weighed in on Hayward's decision, giving him some advice by tweeting a series of emojis.

Loosely translated, Gobert appears to be saying Miami is trash, the Celtics are poo, and the Jazz are winners.Β 

Whether or not Hayward will be swayed by Utah's repeated attemptsΒ to keep him remains to be seen.Β 

Other league players weighed in with their own sets of emojis. First, Isaiah Thomas pointed out that the Heat and the Celtics were winners while the Jazz...not so much.Β 

Next, Hassan Whiteside gave his two cents, pointing out that Miami and Boston had rings. Meanwhile, in Utah...