Chad Johnson Brings World Peace

Bleacher ReportSenior Analyst IJune 4, 2008

In addition to Chad Johnson deciding to return to the Bengals, there were some other interesting nuggets of news out there:

Palestinian and Israeli officials were seen shaking hands and heard saying, "Yeah, we were just screwin' around."

Roger Goodell invited Pacman Jones over for a BBQ and some strippers.

Dan Rather rejoined CBS.

Two football fans compromised: apparently Bud Light both "tastes great" and is "less filling".

Colin Cowherd subscribed to The Big Lead.

Hatfield and McCoy? "We all good."

Bob Barker and Happy Gilmore played a quick nine.

Keith Olbermann made a wry, pithy remark about a four-letter sports station that included no four-letter words.

George Steinbrenner tried to fire Billy Martin (hell, not everything is hunky-dory).