MIchael Vick Only Gettin a Dozen Plays Per Game?

Michael BowersoxContributor IOctober 14, 2009

It's true Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid said that Michael Vick will only be on the field for about 12 plays. Why you may ask? Because Michael Vick is a bad person? Because he's not worthie enough to play with the Eagles? No! Because Reid does not want to overwhelm Michael. Andy is doing this so that Michael can gain respect as a player and in later games Reid will have Vick taking more snaps from the QB position.

I honestly think that Andy Reid had a wounderful idea when he picked up Michael Vick as a free agent. Thanks to the talent of Vick the eagles can look foward to Superbowl 44 and a Superbowl title (if there lucky). All Vick has to do is play his cards right and NOT mess up and he might have a deal with the Eagles for a long time coming.