In Your Face Bostonians...Yankees Advance To The ALCS

Joseph JoveContributor IOctober 13, 2009

The Boston Red Sox fans that have a shred of decency, I warn you that this article will not be pleasant in any way shape or form. So please look away while I trash the lesser half of Red Sox Nation.

Well, what do you know? The Yankees advance to the ALCS and the Boston Red Sox will be watching (with great envy) the big American League extravaganza from their living room. While their wives nag them to take the garbage out.

So much gibberish was casted from the mouths of the disgruntled Red Sox fans throughout this outstanding baseball season.

 Trailing the Yankees for the most part of the latter half of the 2009 season, they fantasized how their team would be able to win the World Series. While their most despised counterparts were home ( Where, by the way, they are now) contemplating what could have been.

Would have...could have...But didn't. The Red Sox are where they belong, in their living rooms. Watching the big boy's of the American League, playing for what's left of the scraps that used to be a full season of hope and expectation.

But, this year was all about hope and CHANGE. At least that's what your thin skinned President said, and by Jove he was right! CHANGE is here. The Angels CHANGED their fortunes against you in the post season.

The Yankees changed from third place in the East a year ago, to first place this season. By golly that's change you can believe in.

Foolish rabbit...Tricks are for kids. The good all days of injecting yourselves with instant playoff gratification are over, just like the days of yesteryear, before you traded the great Bambino to your Nemesis.

The fact of the matter is, no matter what you do, the Yankees are the same Yankees that you and yours trembled over, when your long gone great grandfathers where in the same shoes you are now.

Get used to it because, history repeats itself, whether you want to admit it or not. The Yankees are in the Genesis of a new dynasty. It will be a painful period in history, just like your great grandfathers, grandfathers and fathers used to dread.

Unlike them, whom, really did not deserve the unjust lashings from the Bronx Bombers. You Boston clowns, do deserve, what your swallowing this very moment. I get no greater joy than watching you Yankee wannabees drown in your own demise.

The reason that I am so blunt and unforgiving in my depiction of your reality, is because the way you showed no respect for a franchise that has won three or four times the number of W.S. than your mediocre Red Sox.

The Red Sox (historically) are right where they belong, watching the greater and more powerful franchise representing the American League East. I can just smell number 27, can't you ? You Boston clowns!

Of course this article is not intended for the Red Sox fans who have a truckload of character and are intellectually sincere. There are many of those fans here in the Bleacher Report, and my intentions are not to demoralise these fine people.

To the rest of you clowns... In your face.

My name is Joseph Jove, and the Universe is back in order after the steroid era.