Ranking Liverpool Players on Their Instagram Accounts

Rob Lancaster@RobLancs79Featured ColumnistJune 10, 2017

Roberto Firmino strikes a pose after scoring away at Stoke City.
Roberto Firmino strikes a pose after scoring away at Stoke City.Chris Brunskill Ltd/Getty Images

Footballers have embraced Instagram, a site that doesn't require words to get the message across. Fans, meanwhile, love to see what their favourite players are getting up to when they're not playing.

Liverpool's first-team players are generally a photogenic bunch, but who has the best account at the club?

Looking past the professionally taken action shots, and ignoring the obvious posts there to fulfil advertising commitments, Bleacher Report has ranked the Reds' brightest Insta-stars.

We've picked out the top 10 based on nothing more than who posts the most interesting stuff, but first a few words for those who didn't quite make the cut.


The Best of the Rest

Emre Can

Emre Can looks so perfect he could easily pose as a Madame Tussauds waxwork. There are some moody black-and-white numbers but too many generic action pictures for the German to crack the top 10.


Jordan Henderson

While we at Bleacher Report are big fans of Jordan Henderson's buying birthday gifts for his team-mates, as well as his burgeoning bromance with Adam Lallana, there's not enough diversity from the Liverpool skipper.

Come on, Jordan. No one should get overly excited about a poached egg.


Loris Karius

Goalkeeper Loris Karius often poses like he's advertising a new aftershave. 

At least if the football doesn't work out—and he'll have to improve dramatically on his debut season to become first choice between the sticks at Liverpool—he's clearly got a modelling career to fall back on.


Adam Lallana

Just like his playing style, Lallana shows a touch of flair with his social media skills. But akin to his first full season on Merseyside, you long to see a little more than just occasional flashes of quality.


Ragnar Klavan

Stone-faced centre-back Ragnar Klavan shows his sensitive side with a number of lovely posts about his family, yet he lacks enough oomph to squeeze out any of those in the final list.


Sadio Mane

Hey, Sadio Mane, you're a star performer at a big club that finished in the top four of the Premier League last season. It's time to up your Instagram game like you belong in the UEFA Champions League.

Right, time to begin the countdown...


10. Alberto Moreno

Considering he's become more used to subs than author Tom Clancy after writing The Hunt for Red October, Alberto Moreno needs to do something (beside flip bottles on the bench) to pass the time.

The Spaniard embraced social media as an opportunity to express himself. He used to populate Instagram with his latest tattoo designs and images of either his beloved dog, Ali, or his partner, LiLia.

However, Moreno has become more of a company man of late, perhaps hoping picture after picture of him in action in training sessions would remind manager Jurgen Klopp that he does play football.

Alas, the hints weren't strong enough for Alberto to manage more than 89 Premier League minutes in 2017. His change of approach also cost him several spots in our list.


9. Lucas Leiva

After a decade living in Liverpool, Lucas Leiva is accepted as an honorary Scouser. The midfielder has made Merseyside his home, raising his young family in England with wife Ariana Lima.

But what else do we know about the Brazilian? Well, he appears to like horses, has a cheeky sense of humour and just might well be the most popular member of the Reds first-team squad.

With his contract expiring on June 30, Lucas' time with Liverpool could be drawing to a close. At least we'll always have the chance to follow his exploits on Instagram, wherever he ends up.


8. Roberto Firmino

Roberto Firmino is all about the F words: family, fashion, friends and football. That's hardly unusual for someone in his line of work, yet the Brazilian does everything with a little extra flair and nearly always with a smile on his face.

Bobby has a unique sense of style too. He dons the type of threads that few would dare to wear, yet he somehow manages to pull them off. And then we get to his teeth. Those wonderfully white, tombstone-like teeth.

Some of his pictures look ideal for a clothing catalogue. For example, here's Page 83 from the leisurewear section:

Still, Firmino seems to be embracing life in England. And don't let the garish suits fool you—the forward is always willing to put in the hard yards on the field for Klopp's team.


7. Divock Origi

There are often times when Divock Origi flatters to deceive on the field. His Instagram account, however, consistently delivers.

The Belgian seems to have an excellent grasp of what social media is all about, offering up a variety of different posts that suggest, despite so much success at a young age, he's a grounded individual.

There are videos of supporters singing his name in a pub, pictures of fan art and clever, artistic shots of the striker in action for both club and country.

By the way, did you know the deep-thinking 22-year-old is big on psychology? "I'm very interested in how the brain works and the different personality types," he told Andy Hunter of the Guardian in May.


6. Danny Ings

Despite injury ruining the past two years of his career, Danny Ings is rarely photographed without a smile.

The striker surprised girlfriend Georgia Gibbs last December with two groodle puppies. The pair were named Lewie and Daisy, per Paul Gorst of the Liverpool Echo.

Beside his dogs, and working hard to regain fitness, the former Burnley player also uses posts to push awareness of his charitable organisation, the Danny Ings Disability Sports Project.

Liverpool fans hope to view Ings in action next season as the club returns to the Champions League. As for his appearance here, he received bonus points for naming his account "Ingstagram10." Brilliant.


5. Daniel Sturridge

While his club colleagues are all full of smiles, Daniel Sturridge—who has the line "I do all through Christ who strengthens me" written in his bio—has the sultry stare down to a tee.

The striker loves to wear a pair of round sunglasses and doesn't mind throwing in the odd celebrity meeting. Here he is with musician Drake, who seems to be holding an imaginary cup of tea:

Sturridge comes across as a complex character, but that doesn't mean he takes Instagram too seriously. Just like he does in the Liverpool squad, he offers something different with his posts.


4. Dejan Lovren

Dejan Lovren appears to have the work-life balance down to a T. The defender likes an action shot, whether it's from training or a game, but he also shows there's more to his world than football.

Follow him, and you'll get motivational slogans such as: "Never forget a day in your life: good days give happiness, bad days give experience, worst days give lessons and best days give memories." Moving stuff.

Lovren cuts a mysterious look, like he could play the role of a villain in a Hollywood blockbuster that also stars an ageing icon who somehow escapes death 300 times before saving the world with a paperclip. 

However, the centre-back uses Instagram to demonstrate his human touch, never more so than when pictured drying his daughter's hair.

Lovren's lofty position may come as a surprise, but it is thoroughly deserved.


3. Philippe Coutinho

Call us soft, but Philippe Coutinho's account is too sweet to leave out of the top three. It's so sweet, in fact, that if you peruse it for too long, you'll end up experiencing a helluva sugar rush. 

The Brazilian often posts photos with wife Aine and their daughter, Maria. Look at the happy couple below. It feels like the closing scene in a budget, straight-to-DVD romance movie: 

Unsurprisingly, Coutinho is ridiculously popular with his peers. The playmaker often captures selfies with team-mates. Firmino, Moreno and Lucas make regular cameo appearances.

However, the pick of the lot is a flashback to his youth when he posed with compatriot Neymar.


2. Georginio Wijnaldum

Gini Wijnaldum comes across as a thoroughly nice chap. Sure, Instagram is not necessarily the best way to judge someone's character, but could you honestly say no to this smile?

Considering he's never scored a Premier League goal on the road, it's no surprise to see the Dutchman enjoy home comforts.

He seems close to his family, including brother Giliano Wijnaldum, who plays for Philadelphia Union, and half-brother Rajiv van La Parra, who is at newly promoted Premier League side Huddersfield Town.

What stands out with Wijnaldum, though, are his flashbacks to past moments in his career, including some wonderful pictures of him with former Feyenoord team-mate Roy Makaay.

This one is our favourite, as if the pair are posing during the photoshoot for their debut album cover:


1. Simon Mignolet

Simon Mignolet seems like such a salt-of-the-earth type that you could sprinkle him all over your chips.

Liverpool's first-choice goalkeeper gives an insight into all aspects of his life, including behind-the-scenes footage with the Reds and promoting his work to raise funds for research into motor neurone disease.

Oh, and he pops up at his coffee shop in his home town of Sint-Truiden in Belgium, runs competitions to give away prizes to his followers and posts pictures of his dad when he comes to watch him play at Anfield.

Throw in a few scenic shots from his travels, and you've got a lovely mix that suggests Mignolet is passionate about his job but also understands how to live a little.

As was the case during the run-in to the Premier League season, Mignolet has upped his Instagram game of late. For that reason alone, he tops the list and is crowned Liverpool's No. 1 (even though he wears No. 22).


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