Where The Hell Is ECW Going?!?

Patrick SchoemehlContributor IOctober 13, 2009

October 13th 2009


Hi i just thought i should write article about ECW and where it is now and where it could be if WWE dosent pick things up with this show.

1st- ECW has just about the same people going at eachother for about 3 months now lets see Christian and Regals Round Table.  UI like Christain as the champ but they should have Big Zeek and Vlad break away from him this would cause a good brawl and make ecw intresting i would love to c them three go at it in a triple threat bout!

2nd- i dont care what you say ECW will never be the same without its old days where there where flaming tables and such. I think we all miss those days with the thumb tacks wwe just really messed it up with the PG rating.

3rd- They need to give guys like Tatsu a chance at the gold and stop having his ass say thank yo so muvh we dont want so much cmedy we want matches! also they should have Zack Ryder be the ECW champion.

4th- Bring up new talent through the FCW program. i know wwe has some great talent down there bring them up!

5th- Get a new damn GM. Its about time for tommy to call it done in a wwe ring so they should have tiffnay go to ECW and send Tommy Dreamer to the ECW GM role!


Plz let me know what you guys think.! :D