2009-10 Season Begins...

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2009-10 Season Begins...
and I missed the boat.

Sorry. Yeah, I know. What kind of a hockey blogger/podcaster forgets that kind of thing right? Don't blame me. Blame all of my friends who thought it was a great idea to get married in October! (...still love you guys, though)

Anyway, I'll be back with some thoughts on how the season is looking. Today's games were indicators that everyone who thought they knew what they were talking about are thinking and speaking hot stinking garbage. Loved the Kings, Avalanche wins, and looking forward to Calgary, Washington, Ottawa, Phoenix, and Toronto winning tonight. Everyone is hard-up on pressing Boston as their top contender and these preseason predictions make me laugh.

I will post a show likely at the end of the week to give you all my rantings and musings of the NHL's start to another fantabulous season.

Maybe I'll be nice and blog something. You know, just shoot the poop with the audience, you guys, who have been loyally awaiting for me to publish something for you all to graze over and glaze over with the same finess seen in a Derek Roy dive. Hahahaha! I just heard Andrew Peters' name and he's with the New Jersey Devils now. My heart just smiled for uselessness of players on teams that don't need guys like Peters.

Ranting is forthcoming!

Stay tuned...

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