Indiana Gets Embarresed at Virginia, Loses 47-7

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IOctober 12, 2009

On Friday afternoon, the Indiana Hoosiers traveled to Charlottesville to prepare for their Saturday afternoon match-up with the Virginia Cavaliers.

However, the team never showed up to play.

Indiana was steamrolled from Virginia's first possession, which came after a catch and fumble by junior WR Terrence Turner, which was returned 32 yards to the Indiana 38-yard line.

Four plays and 38 yards later, Virginia scored its first seven points—the rout was on.

The Hoosiers lacked just about everything you expect from a team. They were out-hustled, out-tackled, out-smarted, and just about outdone in every aspect of the game.

Indiana's defense, which includes two of the most feared defensive ends in the country in seniors Jammie Kirlew and Greg Middleton, struggled to get to the quarterback, and struggled to stop the run and the pass. They were expected to make a big difference, but the nation's third-worst offensive line dominated the line of scrimmage all day.

The defense allowed Virginia to gain 536 yards of total offense—including nine plays of 20 yards or more—and three plays of 30 yards or more.

And the Hoosier offense was no better, with only 16 first downs in the game, 82 rushing yards, and only making the red-zone for the first time with 8:24 left in the fourth Quarter.

Here are some things to ponder:

1. Why were the Indiana defensive backs playing 10 yards off the line of scrimmage? The Cavalier WRs had plenty of time to get a running start and plenty of space to catch the ball.

2. Why weren't the Hoosier WRs getting open for Ben Chappell to pass to?

3. Why was Ben Chappell not looking at all his receivers? Instead, he kept his head turned one way the whole time after the ball has been snapped.

4. Why is the Hoosier running game so ineffective without Darius Willis?

Hopefully the Hoosiers will answer these questions next week, when they take on the 1-4 Illinois Fighting Illini in the homecoming game.