Terrell Owens: A Cowboy For Life

tee polkAnalyst IJune 3, 2008

Jerry Jones is just dishing out the money these days; just check this out:

Marion Barber gets a huge contract extension, Terrence Newman gets a contract extension, Romo got a huge extension last season, and so who does that leave left?

Terrell Owens. And guess what? Ol' T.O. just got a three-year, $34-million contract extension that will make him a Cowboy until 2011. The only problem that seems to be buzzing around the Cowboys organization, though, is that Owens is getting older, and didn't deserve the extension.

Yeah, right. Owens is worth every penny that the Cowboys are giving him because he has been the only Cowboy that has produced on the field for the past 2 seasons, and check this out last season: 1355 yards and 15 touchdowns—stats of a true baller.

Owens has avoided controversy all season long and will likely be on his best behavior this season, so everyone needs to just respect his talent and watch the best receiver in the game go to work this season when the Cowboys, led by Romo, aim to win it all.

If you think Moss and Brady are a deadly combination, then wait till the Romo-to-Owens show takes center stage. They'll prove to the world the last two seasons were just flukes, because Owens is only going to get better with age as he takes care of himself physically, so just wait and see.

The Cowboys have the new stadium opening next year, and Owens will be a part of one of the biggest and best stadiums in the world. So congrats, T.O., on your new deal: You deserve it, and I don't blame you for laughing at the haters because you now have 34 million reasons to smile.