Paulo Filho: Uncovering UFC Conspiracy Or Media Harlot?

Sterling SpiarsAnalyst IOctober 12, 2009

Over the past month, the Brazilian jiu jitsu and judo black belt Paulo Filho has managed to keep his name in the headlines.

He's been exchanging verbal beat-downs with current Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Gegard Mousasi more than likely setting up a matchup between the two at a future Strikeforce event.

Now, Filho finds himself in the headlines once again, this time for criticising the promotional efforts of the UFC.

In an interview with Tatame Magazine, Filho expressed his concern for the growing number of Brazilian-vs-Brazilian matches appearing inside the octagon. When asked about the rising number of Brazilian stars with the UFC and how he might fit in with that equation, Filho had this to say:

"(The) UFC is a big event, but Americans do what they can (so) you can't apply your technique. They match incompatible games, preferably with whoever they want, everything to take you down. American is American, they want Americans with the belt and eliminate the Brazilians, but they'll have to work hard because we're the best."

Now his opinion is just that, his own personal opinion, but now it appears Filho really is a donkey with ignorant statements like this.

It's easy to see where Filho is coming from as a number of Brazilian-only matches came to be: Machida vs. Rua, Little Nog vs. Cane, Alves vs. Thiago, Silva vs. Belfort, and most recently with the rumored fight between Dos Santos and Gonzaga.

The thing is, many would agree that a large number of talented fighters come from Brazil. It's no wonder that they eventually found their way to the UFC where they are going to fight the best of the best, whether it's a fellow Brazilian or a fighter of any other nationality.

On another note, how is it possible that the UFC is holding its Brazilian fighters down when Mauricio Rua and Vitor Belfort are set to battle for the title with Lyoto Machida and Anderson Silva, respectively.

This can only help spread the word of Brazilian MMA's dominance in the sport, with two highly-anticipated title fights between some of the UFC's biggest stars, who also happen to be Brazilian.

So get over yourself Filho, Americans fight Americans all the time over at Dream and never cry about it. The same could be said with any other nationality in any other promotion. It seems that the only person with bunched-up panties in this topic is Filho.

In conclusion, here is an offering of thick, scummy spit for Filho's floozy conspiracy theory.