A New Hockey Season for All Habs

Rocket All HabsCorrespondent IOctober 9, 2009

We're just one week into the 2009-10 hockey season and there's already much to write about.

Thank you for choosing All Habs as one of your favorite hockey sites. As you know, All Habs includes a digest of articles from numerous sources to keep you updated on the Habs. We are also very proud of our featured columnists and standing as one of the top destinations for information and opinion about the Montreal Canadiens.

We've added some new writers this season to continue to bring you a variety of perspectives. Here's a quick look at the All Habs team:

Habsbloggergirl is not shy to give her unadulterated opinions and game reports. She also hosts her own blog habsbloggergirl.

Kyle Roussel has a keen hockey eye and a mean wrist shot. Kyle is also a contributor to NHL Digest.

EP is the newest member of the crew. She is quick witted and passionate about the Habs, Bulldogs & Juniors. She writes her own blog Winter of (dis)Content.

Rocket is a syndicated writer and hockey critic.

You will also hear about sports social media topics from Amandafortier, our resident ultimate expert, and Metricjulie who regularly appears on the Team 990 via Game Points with Matthew Ross.

From to to time All Habs features guest columnists. If you have some writing experience and think you can offer a unique view, send us an email.

All Habs is pleased to bring together Canadiens fans where ever they might be via Habs Tweetup. The All Habs crew was proud to partner with the NHL to host hockey fans and bloggers from across North America for the NHL Draft in Montreal. If you are in Montreal and want to join us to watch a game, check out Habs Tweetup. If you are outside of Montreal and want to organize a get together for Habs fans, we'll help! Tweetups are already scheduled for Canadiens fans in Toronto, Ottawa, and South Florida.

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Changes to All Habs are on the way. Stay tuned!

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