Aaron Rodgers Gets into Twitter Spat with Shooter McGavin Parody Account

Andrew GouldFeatured ColumnistApril 20, 2017

Months away from the upcoming NFL season, Aaron Rodgers spent Wednesday night arguing with a parody Twitter account of Happy Gilmore antagonist Shooter McGavin.

The cocky golfer—OK, the anonymous person pretending to represent the fictitious movie character—suggested the Green Bay Packers quarterback take up golf to stay loose during the offseason. Rodgers reminded him that the scene didn't end well for McGavin:

McGavin defended himself, but Rodgers refused to overlook his stealing Happy Gilmore's jacket:

The pompous golfer excused his actions by attacking Gilmore's integrity. Rodgers fired back:

Things then got personal, as they dragged Packers wideout Jordy Nelson and former Price is Right host Bob Barker into the mud:

After a few more jokes, they finally ended the testy Twitter exchange.