Out With The Old In With The New! Let's Talk Delaware St.

JohnContributor IOctober 11, 2009

Could of! Should of! Why? Why? Why? Essentially talking about Iowa now should be relegated to how soon the coaches can use it for film day! First article folks so be kind! Rather than tell you what I would do for this upcoming game I want to know what you the more knowledgeable fans would do different if anything against Delaware St.

Lets start at the top where there seemed to be some controversy among us at the end of the Iowa game! Who gets the start next Saturday? Why? How long does he stay in for? How about Denard start and play the whole game? Oops I wasn't going to answer! 

Would anybody like to see the young backs that will be our future in for more than one play? How about the Mikes get lots of playing time Shaw and Cox?  How about a little love for my fellow Pennsylvanian Je' Ron Stokes? Can we afford to try out new young players on the OL or is that a position we need to continue the gelling process?

Okay folks the area where you have all been waiting for Gimme a "D" okay! okay! What are you honarary coaches doing different on defense? Hint...Hint...Billy Campbell?

That's all for now Here's hoping everyone has a great week!