Watching Stanley Cup Finals Game Five with Non-Hockey Fans

Eddie KimContributor IJune 3, 2008

Game Five of the Stanley Cup Finals on June 2nd, 2008—my 29th birthday.

There was a phone call from my friends during the exciting second period action on TV.

"Are you home? We'll pick you up in 10 minutes."

You can see that they all are not interested in hockey.

And even some of them say it's boring to watch.

It was pretty tough for me to pull myself away from the action that I wanted to watch, but now I know there are many things more important than just a hockey game in your life.

If same thing happened about 15 years ago, I would say,

"No, I want to watch this game." (Well, a little bit exaggerated.)

We went to a restaurant and had a simple kind of a party.

Then went to my friend's place,and my brother just turned on the TV which is much much bigger than my 15" TV.

Wow, the game was still on!!

I never expected the game would be last that long.

Game was tied at three in the late of the second OT.

When the third OT began, all the guys were involved which was really nice to see.

Game itself was really exciting. As watching them playing... They are deserve to get to the finals though I didn't like that to be happened.

I have a friend of mine who enjoys bet on everything.

No exception this time, he wanted us to bet which team's going to win.

As a Stars fan, I didn't want to bet on the Red Wings though I thought they're the better team and they were doing really well all period long.

The Penguins seems tired all through the period, but there was a powerplay, and eventually I got $15 from him.

What a night!

I made a right choice, I enjoyed watching game on a big screen with my brother and friends, and I got extra money.

All of them, I never expected until the second period action.