Vince Carter Plans to Wear a T-Shirt Showing Himself Posterizing Donald Trump

Rivea RuffContributorMarch 27, 2017

Vince Carter just got a controversial new T-shirt, and he can't wait to put it on.

Carter is now the proud owner of a shirt featuring an image of himself posterizing President Donald Trump.

According to theScore (via Extra Mustard), Fox Sports' Dan Carson sent the customized tee to Carter as a gift.

The shirt features a drawing of the iconic moment when the NBA star dunked on Frederic Weis at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. Weis' image is swapped out for that of President Trump, suit and all.

Carter said he's excited to wear his new tee, and he is ready for the hubbub it will likely stir up when he does.

"I'll definitely wear it," he said. "Probably bring out some controversy, but it's all worth it."

[Dan Carson; h/t theScore, Extra Mustard]