Joba Chamberlain Set to Start, Joe Girardi Offically Whipped

Matt MillerContributor IJune 3, 2008

If I were a Yankee fan I would be seriosuly annoyed. I am just going to flat out state the obvious people. Your stupid rich team has the best 1-2 punch in baseball when it comes to the bullpen. 

Sox fans would say Oki and Papelbon, and that may have some merit—but regardless, Yankee fans have a guy who in the eighth inning can throw 100, and then you've got arguably the best closer in history of baseball going in right behind him.

Why change things that work? The Yankees' starting pitching...SUCKS. 

We know this, everyone knows this, my dad knows this, my boss knows this, my dog knows this. It is flawed and Hank Steinbrenner, a.k.a. George Clone 2.0, should of known this. 

All of the sudden giving up Phillip Hughes and Ian Kennedy is smelling pretty good, and that is why hindsight will forever and always be 20-20. But why do the Yankees fell a need to fix the starting situation with now not having the back end of the bullpen? 

The Yankee fans must cringe when they hear the words, "Now warming up for the Yankees someone not named Mariano." (i.e. Latroy Hawkins, Kyle Farnsworth, and some other guys I don't even know nor want to bother to even Google).

What is the point New York? Joba may be fine a starter, and I think he could be—but would you rather have the joy in knowing a game is over after seven innings, or have to say, "OK, great, we have the lead, now who in the heck is going to hold it?"

I go with the latter. Ask any Red Sox fan how good they feel knowing Oki and Papelbon are at the end of their bullpen.  No worry for them, and eight out of 10 times the Sox are going to win a game after the seventh.  They would tell you they were excited about Papelbon starting, but at the same time were not thrilled with the idea of Joel Pineiro closing or Mike Timlin hobbling out there with a cane. 

Now your team is going to have no reliable seventh- or eighth-inning man, and remember, any reliever can turn into Eric Gagne at any moment.  Also, besides closers, relievers are notorious for changing area codes like Paris Hilton changes guys. 

People just trade relievers just to try to shake things up, but when you're the Yankees and you have two relievers making about $3 million a year, the chance of them changing area codes is only likely if they move into a bigger house in New Jersey or Long Island. Because they are not going annnnywhere. 

My favorite part is Joe Giradi wanted to keep Joba in the pen.  Torre would have never cracked like Giradi already has. Besides, take a poll, I am pretty sure most Yankee fans would agree with me that this move just a rash decision and really not the smartest one. But it is not up to the fans and the manager, it is up to the big bad boss Hank. 

It is Brian Cashman's job to pick up the phone and call every possible reliever, because, let's face it Yankee fans, you're going to need all the help possible.  Is David Wells still available? 

The sad part? That is barely even a joke at this point...