Racism in Sports: Right There in Black and White

Scott Pauley@scott.pauleyAnalyst IJune 3, 2008

Taking a look at the over-all sports scene, many people may notice a slight odor of racial tension.

We can look at the recent issue with New York Mets’ skipper, Willie Randolph. Randolph has blamed the talks of his dismissal on the fact that he is black. That’s absurd!

Gander if you will at Calvin Magee. Magee, the former offensive coordinator for the West Virginia Mountaineers, accused university officials of not hiring him to replace Rich Rodriguez—because he is black. That’s absurd!

Recall the comments made by Donavan McNabb, on the comparing of black quarterbacks to white quarterbacks. McNabb feels that there is more criticism on the black QB than on the white QB. That’s absurd!

Before you draw your own conclusion on this article, let me explain. Looking at the facts, we can see that black athletes are just as good as white athletes. In some cases much better.

So, why is it when a black athlete, coach, water boy, etc… begins to do terrible or is not given the job he or she thinks is owed to him or her, Al Sharpton makes a call to the President?

Here is the truth, should you choose to accept it.

If you haven’t noticed, it’s always the black athlete, coach, water boy or whatever, making the issue a negative one. How many times have we seen a general manager or athletic director refuse to hire a black person, just because of race? The answer: Very few—in modern times.

Hey Willie Randolph, how about just being a better coach. Calvin Magee—just keep hold of Rodriguez’ shirt-tail and hush. Donovan McNabb, how about eating more Chunky Soup—perhaps you may play better.

The fact is—blacks tend to think they are better than whites. It is unfortunate that anyone—black or white—would have this view.

The great Martin Luther King Jr. had the right idea—equality. He never wanted to be treated supremely over the white man.

However, Malcolm X, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have made folks feel that if they don’t get treated better than the white person, they are being discriminated against.

To sum up things: If it were not for black athletes, the world of sports would be boring. I could not imagine watching hockey and soccer for the rest of my life.

Unfortunately there are racist people—not just in sports.

However, the ones that seem to be causing the stir are the ones who feel they should be treated like gold. When in fact they are worth just as much to God as the starving children in poverty.

Straighten up people. We are all the same. Just accept being equal. Don’t worry about being better.

Don’t use race as a scapegoat for your own failure. If it were there would be many white people on the altar.

Racial tension wouldn’t be tension if blacks wouldn’t keep harping on it.

Let it go!

Racism is a problem in our country—but it goes both ways!!!