Snooker Shoot-Out 2017: Final Score, Full Results, Prize Money and Reaction

James Dudko@@JamesDudkoFeatured ColumnistFebruary 26, 2017

SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND - APRIL 22:  Anthony McGill of Scotland plays a shot during his second round match against Marco Fu of Hong Kong on day seven of the World Snooker Championship at The Crucible Theatre on April 22, 2016 in Sheffield, England.  (Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images)
Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Anthony McGill won the 2017 Snooker Shoot-Out after beating Xiao Guodong in the final at the Watford Coliseum on Sunday. McGill saw off Shaun Murphy in the last four to reach the final, while Guodong ended the fairytale story of amateur player Andy Hicks.

McGill also beat Mark King, Jack Lisowski and Anthony Hamilton en route to the final. Hicks came within a game of reaching the same stage but wasn't the only amateur who did himself proud in Watford. Steven Hallworth also beat some more established opponents to get through both the last-32 and last-16 stages.

As champion, McGill will receive £32,000, according to Live Snooker, while runner-up Xiao has earned half that fee.

Murphy was also slightly unflattering about the shootout meriting its place as a ranked event, but said he's happy enough to enjoy the moment and the rewards, per the same source:

Here are the results from Sunday's matches:

2017 Snooker Shoot-Out
StagePlayer 1ScorePlayer 2
Last 32Zhang Yong0-1Andy Hicks
Last 32Joe Swail0-1Jak Jones
Last 32James Cahill0-1Ken Doherty
Last 32Sam Craigie0-1Shaun Murphy
Last 32Cao Yupeng1-0Jimmy Robertson
Last 32David Grace1-0Dominic Dale
Last 32Fergal O'Brien1-0Liam Highfield
Last 32Luca Brecel0-1Anthony Hamilton
Last 32Anthony McGill1-0Mark King
Last 32Ashley Hugill0-1Michael Georgiou
Last 32Xiao Guodong1-0Daniel Womersley
Last 32Jack Lisowski1-0Eden Sharav
Last 32Darryl Hill0-1Li Hang
Last 32Alfie Burden0-1David Gilbert
Last 32Daniel Wells0-1Steven Hallworth
Last 32Ross Muir1-0Jimmy White
Last 16Anthony Hamilton1-0Ross Muir
Last 16Andy Hicks1-0Michael Georgiou
Last 16Shaun Murphy1-0Jak Jones
Last 16Jack Lisowski0-1Anthony McGill
Last 16Xiao Guodong1-0Ken Doherty
Last 16Cao Yupeng0-1David Grace
Last 16Fergal O'Brien0-1David Gilbert
Last 16Li Hang0-1Steven Hallworth
Quarter-FinalXiao Guodong1-0David Gilbert
Quarter-FinalAnthony Hamilton0-1Anthony McGill
Quarter-FinalShaun Murphy1-0David Grace
Quarter-FinalAndy Hicks1-0Steven Hallworth
Semi-FinalXiao Guodong1-0Andy Hicks
Semi-FinalAnthony McGill1-0Shaun Murphy
FinalAnthony McGill1-0Xiao Guodong



Hallworth reached the last 16 only after beating Daniel Wells despite the latter producing some exquisite shots. One such shot saw him sink this red into the corner bag, per World Snooker:

Wells had Hallworth on the ropes early, but the 21-year-old rallied well and made the most of his chance when it came. His reward was a place in an enticing draw for the last 16:

Hallworth's next big challenge involved beating Li Hang in order to progress to the last eight. Hallworth met the challenge well, again pulling off some spectacular shots.

The most notable of those shots was this double that involved kissing the red off the cushion and counting on the rebound carrying it into the middle pocket on the other side. Hallworth managed it with consummate ease:

The amateur ended up putting 50 on the board to set up a quarter-final clash with Andy Hicks. The latter sent Mark Williams packing on Saturday and had already beaten Zhang Yong and Michael Georgiou during today's session.

Hicks against Hallworth was one of the standout matches of an exciting quarter-final draw, per Live Snooker:

Another intriguing match pitted Xiao against David Murphy. The former had earned his place in the last eight by beating veteran Ken Doherty in the previous round.

It took this impressive break for Xiao to get past 47-year-old Doherty:



From brilliant to controversial, Xiao only saw off Gilbert after escaping what should have been a time foul. Inexplicably, the referee appeared distracted by the crowd in the Watford Coliseum and missed the clock running down on Xiao.

Relaying pictures from ITV 4, Live Snooker provided footage of the contentious moment:

Xiao's win preceded McGill beating Anthony Hamilton for a place in the semi-final, while Murphy also made it through after some fantastic work at the table.

Murphy was down by six when he drilled in this red to get started:

The Magician had 14 on the board when he made easy work of this tricky long pot:

Those shots were among the highlights of a 76-14 win that sent out an ominous signal to the rest Murphy was in the form to win this tournament.

Hicks and Hallworth then wrapped up the last eight with their all-amateur match. Surprisingly, considering the rapid-fire format, this was a cagey affair with both players using the clock and opting for safety when they could.

Hallworth was up by four at 17-13 when he bounced a red off the edge of the corner pocket. It was the opportunity Hicks needed.

Just as he did against Williams on Saturday, Hicks seized his chance, taking 11 more points before playing for time to kill the clock and go through.



Live Snooker confirmed what were an enticing pair of semi-final matches, with Murphy against McGill the main draw:

Hicks was first up in the last four, though, and thought he led left nothing for Xiao to hit after hiding the cue ball behind the green off his break. However, Xiao dropped a red into the corner from an acute angle to start a break that would reach 59 by the time he was through.

Xiao forced another opening when he settled right behind the pink on a superb safety shot. Hicks then couldn't help leaving a red on, one Xiao took before dropping yellow on frame ball to reach the final.

The other semi-final was a thrilling affair that saw Murphy in trouble early. He was 16-8 ahead when the white rolled into the top-corner pocket.

McGill took advantage to build a 46-16 lead before the Magician battled back. Murphy cleaned up the red and took down yellow before fatally failing to drop the green into the middle.

Murphy ran into trouble in the semi-final.
Murphy ran into trouble in the semi-final.Dan Mullan/Getty Images

It was the final opening McGill needed to book his place in the final.



McGill and Xiao traded safety shots for the first two and a half minutes of the final. McGill came closest to breaking the deadlock, but his attempt to pot a red into the bottom saw the ball cannon off the table.

Xiao took control but needed to drop green and get back on a red to increase the pressure. He did both but made a mess of his next attempt to move from green back to the reds.

It meant it was time for safe play again with just a 19-0 lead and five minutes still on the clock. McGill got the advantage he needed when he nudged the cue ball off the top cushion and into a red for his first pot.

The rebound placed the Scotsman on black and at the right end of the table to put a decisive scoring run together. He later drilled home the green to move 37-19 ahead and get back down the table.

Dropping the pink then the black twice padded McGill's score and made him a worthy winner.


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