NFL Week Five Picks for Sunday's Must-See Games

Greg RiotAnalyst IOctober 9, 2009

The NFL is getting hot after the first month and every single Sunday there are multiple interesting games to watch. Here are my NFL Week Five Picks for Sunday's must-see games.

Texans vs. Cardinals

Both teams have amazing offenses and explosive air performances week in and week out. So for those who love a TD festival, this is the game for you. Expect a game over the 50 points that most odds and lines have given.

Just imagine Matt Schaub throwing down the field to Andre Johnson or to Kevin Walter, or Kurt Warner looking for a huge play with Larry Fitzgerald or Anquan Boldin—boy this will be a great game.

Patriots vs. Broncos

I’ll be looking forward to see if the Broncos remain undefeated after Tom Brady and the Patriots visit them this weekend.  Against all the odds, Denver beat the Cowboys at home last week. Now I want to see if the Broncos D is solid enough to stop Brady and his offense.

Remember that coach Josh McDaniels spent eight seasons under Bill Belichick with New England and knows everything about that organization.

Colts vs. Titans

At the beginning of the season, this was a big matchup between two teams built to win the AFC South and probably the AFC conference.  But the Titans have played terrible in the first four weeks in the season and need to wake up if they want to save the year.

QB Kerry Collins is not playing like last season and could end up being benched this Sunday Night. Maybe we’ll get the chance to see Vince Young playing.

VY is the kind of QB that could make any defense look bad with his running game, but at the same time, he also can look awful if he starts throwing the ball down the field.

Of course, on the other side, Peyton Manning is a guaranteed show any given Sunday.  Manning is playing like a true MVP candidate and it is so much fun to watch him be able to find any receiver, and when I say any receiver, I mean it!

Manning has found Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Pierre Garcon, and Austin Colllie in the end zone this season; a big passing game is always enjoyable to watch.

NFL Picks
: Take the Cards, Pats, and Colts to bring home the bacon this Sunday.