This Just Isn't Right Coach

Stephen MContributor IOctober 9, 2009

1 Jan 1996:  Head coach Bobby Bowden of the Florida State Seminoles is carried triumphantly off the field by nose guard Andre Wadsworth #8 and tackle Orpheus Roy after defeating the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida 31-26.  Ma

     Jim Smith you should be ashamed of yourself.  Jemele Hill you should be too.  Matter of fact all of Seminole Nation clamoring for Bobby to retire should be banned from the field named in his honor.

     As a fan of college football it makes me sick to see how this man is being treated by the talking heads, boosters and so called Seminole faithful.  This man is a legend.  He is a class act.  Any program ought to be proud to have him as a part of it. 

     Many people on this site have written opinions on this subject.  Some for pushing him out the back door, some against.  They all have their reasons for what they believe one way or another.  Let me tell you my reason.

     It isn’t the fact that he is the reason you are the national power you are.  Not because he brought you two national championships when before you had none.  It’s not even all the wins he has amassed at Florida State, more than doubling your previous total.  No it’s the man’s great character. 

     Before Bobby arrived at Florida State he was the head coach of West Virginia going 42-26.  In his first year as head coach in 1970 the tragic Marshall plane crash occurred killing all 75 people on board.  A football team gone in an instant with one game left to play.

     Now for those of you who don’t know West Virginia and Marshall hate each other.  Absolutely despise each other so much so that they refused to play each other for 64 years and a governor had to mediate the negotiations to get them to continue.  This however didn’t stop Bobby from stepping in immediately to help.

     The first step was to petition the NCAA to allow West Virginia to wear Marshall’s jerseys and play their final game against Ohio University.  For some reason unknown to me the NCAA denied it.  Second every player would place a green cross and the initials MU on the back of their helmets.  The third was the most astonishing of all, handing new coach Jack Lengyel everything he needed, even his own playbook.

     That’s right Florida State fans in a great act of sportsmanship and character he handed over his own playbook.   You see Lengyel had decided that the veer offense would give his young team the best chance to compete and asked Bobby if he could borrow some game tape to study this offense.  Bobby graciously agreed and when Lengyel showed up in Morgantown not only did he open up his film room he handed over all of his playbooks without Lengyel so much as asking. 

     Now Jim Smith I don’t know you.  Didn’t even know you existed till you ran your mouth to the Tallahassee Democrat.  Judging by your recent actions though I can honestly say this:  You don’t have a quarter, no a hundredth, of the character Bobby has.  He affects more lives in a day then you will in your life.  Please do yourself and everyone else a favor, go back to obscurity where you belong. 

     As far as Bobby goes he has earned the right to say when it’s time, no one else.  His achievements for you on the field alone gives him that right.  Now if he pulls a Woody Hayes or burns down an orphanage on Christmas Eve you can push him out.   Until then, he deserves our respect and admiration, not the backstabbing acts of supposed Seminole fans. 

     In today’s world where head coaches keep their starting qb secret for an edge, jump from one highest bidder to the next and constantly get caught doing things they shouldn’t just to win a game we need more people like coach Bowden.  He built a program from nothing, raised millions for a University, and helped a bitter rival rise from the ashes of a great tragedy.   

     Sorry Coach you deserve better than this.