Michigan RB Update Against Iowa

The WolverineCorrespondent IOctober 9, 2009

Some info trickled in after yesterday morning's post about Carlos Brown. Thanks to Steve M. who tipped us off that Brown is rumored to have suffered a concussion during practice earlier this week. However, Brown was not listed on Michigan's official injury report for Saturday's game.

Our guess is he's questionable to doubtful depending on the severity of the concussion and who you ask (Mgoblog thinks he's very doubtful). Expect to see a good dose of Michael Shaw along with Brandon Minor this weekend. I'm also going to predict that we'll see at least one set w/ DRob in the backfield...The thought of Shoelace and Shaw in the backfield is scary, but this weekend will depend on the quality of our OL play.

Re: Minor, if history's any guide, and he gets the starting nod, expect him to run like a man possessed. We've seen it before. Remember the first half of last year's game at PSU? The man was an absolute beast. He hit the holes with such gusto and speed that he almost missed a few handoffs. If that Minor shows up, and the OL can create holes, this could be a very interesting game.