Scott's absense a blessing for Lions

Aaron YorkeCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2007

IconWith Austin Scott's recent fumble troubles, many fans were begging for Rodney Kinlaw to take over full-time.  Both Scott and Kinlaw are senior running backs, but Kinlaw has become the recent favorite thanks to Scott's fumbling tendencies.

On the way to the stadium, I started hearing rumors about Scott.  All I know for sure is that Scott did something between Thursday and Saturday and that he was not playing against Iowa.  Whatever it was that Scott did, it did not slow down the Nittany Lions on Saturday afternoon.  While Morelli had a another game with some flashes of promise and other flashes of incompetence, the running game was consistently great.  Rodney Kinlaw and Evan Royster ran over Iowa, combining for 254 yards on 44 carries (a 5.7 average).

The only problem for Penn State (in the running game) is that Royster got injured during the game and the seriousness is unknown.  It's too bad because the veteran/rookie combination would have been great for Penn State in the short and long run.  However, we could still see such a combo if the other freshman running back, Stephfon Green, takes over Royster's load (assuming Scott's season is over).

Right now, the only thing I'm sure about is that the Lions are better off without Scott.  This way, we'll get to see who will carry PSU's future running game in this season.