I Knew It!!! Manny Pacquiao Is a Brit!

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I Knew It!!! Manny Pacquiao Is a Brit!
(Photo by Jacob de Golish/Getty Images)

For years, there have been rumors of Pacquiao's ethnicity.  Is he truly a Filipino?  Is he a foreigner pretending to be a Filipino in order to gain the support of Filipinos around the world?

Since the rumors began a few years ago, investigators have been searching non-stop for answers.  But hard evidence has eluded them.  A secret organization that Pacquiao is rumored to be a member of is supposedly responsible for the secrecy.

But a former member, who chooses to remain anonymous, has released a clip of a secret meeting that may finally provide the answer.  Filipinos, please watch with care!


Courtesy of SportzHype Boxing


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