Would Redskins Have Problems With Norv Turner?

Anthony BrownCorrespondent IOctober 9, 2009

INDIANAPOLIS - JANUARY 13:  Head coach Norv Turner of the San Diego Chargers makes his point to an official against the Indianapolis Colts during their AFC Divisional Playoff game at the RCA Dome on January 13, 2008 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Chargers won 28-24. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Yeah. Yeah.  This is a Redskins site, and Turner is long gone and largely forgotten.  But we need to get our minds off the circus that is the Redskins. 

Would you feel better if Norv Turner were here?

A column by Craig Elsten for the San Diego Network News reads Don't blame Norv—Look Higher Up.

It seems disgruntled San Diego Chargers fans are up in arms over the whuppin' that the world champion Steelers put on the team Sunday night.

Charger fans think the team is soft.  Turner's Chargers are off to their customary slow start.  The Chargers are 2-2, and fans sense they are uncompetitive with the best in the division, the shockingly unbeaten Denver Broncos.

Turner says the Chargers' problem isn't scheme or game planning, but a variety of correctable breakdowns.  The players just have to execute better. 

Elsten says the real problem with the Chargers isn't Turner.  It's higher up.  He points the finger at GM A.J. Smith, who picked players and coaching staff that are not on the Steelers' level. 

All of this should sound eerily familiar to Redskin fans.  San Diego is evidence of a parallel universe, right down to Norv Turner.

Craig Elsten's conclusion for Charger fans, applies here too:

"There is plenty of season yet to come.  People who say fire the coach are basically saying pull the plug on 2009.  Who’s gonna take over?  Rivera?  Are you going to jet in Bill Cowher from the CBS set and install him on the sidelines? The NFL’s a little more complicated than that. Jump into the pool and you’ll drown.

"Terrible teams without hope switch out their head coach at the first sign of distress. That’s a move for the Rams to make, not the Chargers. So how about just shelving all the negativity and hatred towards the head coach, and instead focusing on the players on the field, and then the guy who put them there?"

Redskin fans are already focusing on "the guy" who put our team together.  That's not Jim Zorn.

Grumbling about Dan Snyder noted by other blogs and sports columnists could grow into a groundswell over the winter if the skins lose nine or more games.

The Washington Capitals are perennial playoff contenders.  Caps owner Ted Leonsis is compared favorably to Snyder.  My neighbor, Mike Lee, who covers the Washington Wizards for The Washington Post, assures me the 'Zards will make a playoff run this season.

If those teams win titles, some Redskins fans won't come back to the Danny.

That would give Turner the last laugh.