Manu Ginobili Hits Top of Backboard on Potential Game-Winning 3 vs. Bucks

Thomas DuffyFeatured ColumnistJanuary 10, 2017

You knew the San Antonio Spurs were going to get a good look.

Coming out of a timeout with the game on the line? That's when Gregg Popovich butters his bread.

Sure enough, as the clock ticked down from 6.7 seconds with the Spurs trailing the Milwaukee Bucks 109-107, veteran Manu Ginobili found himself wide open in the corner for a triple.

He put the shot up with a second to go. The buzzer sounded. The ball...hit the top of the backboard?

Yup. Thud.

GifJif provided this humorous comparison:

Milwaukee improved to 19-18, while San Antonio dropped to 30-8.