WWE 205 Live Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from January 10

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistJanuary 11, 2017

WWE 205 Live Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from January 10

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    Noam Dar kicking Cedric Alexander's head off.
    Noam Dar kicking Cedric Alexander's head off.Credit: WWE.com

    WWE 205 Live has settled nicely into the company's weekly schedule, which means we should start expecting more mediocre episodes in the future.

    When the Cruiserweight Classic aired on the WWE Network, everyone was performing at the highest level possible, but things changed once management signed a bunch of the competitors.

    We can't expect every week to feature a five-star match, but the division is still expected to make the show worth watching.

    This week featured three existing feuds and the start of a new storyline for the only two WWE veterans in the cruiserweight division.

    Let's take a look at everything that happened on this week's 205 Live.

Cedric Alexander vs. Noam Dar

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    Noam Dar and Cedric Alexander looked to settle their feud over Alicia Fox this week with a singles match. Before they got started, Dar gave a quick promo trying to woo Foxy again.

    Alexander showed his frustrations with some hard-hitting offense early on. Dar was kept on the defensive until a stiff kick to the gut put him in control.

    The pace wasn't as quick as past matches we have seen featuring both competitors, but they were trying to tell more of a story than the usual spotfest.

    Dar focused on punishing Alexander's arm whenever he was in control, but it was some unexpected help from Fox that helped him clinch the win. However, she still slapped the taste out of Dar's mouth after the match was over.

    The performances were good, but the storyline needs a lot of work. It's almost like they went into it without a clear ending in mind.


    Grade: B-


    Notes and Highlights

    • It's nice when the different divisions interact, but this storyline has not been handled well. Dar comes off more like a creepy stalker than someone with a crush.
    • It's rare to say this, but this bout may have been too long. About halfway through, a lot of fans in attendance stopped caring.
    • We all knew Foxy had a crazy side, so it shouldn't surprise anyone to see her mess things up.
    • Alexander broke up with Foxy backstage, which caused her to have a serious meltdown.

The Brian Kendrick vs. Sean Maluta

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The Brian Kendrick came out and talked about how Tajiri spit green mist in his face last week before he took on Sean Maluta.

    Maluta looked impressive while he was in control and showed off a lot of the skills he has learned, but Kendrick's dirty tactics were too much for the rookie to handle.

    There were a couple of mistakes made by both men, but as a whole, this was a solid match. Kendrick picked up the win with the Captain's Hook submission.


    Grade: C+


    Notes and Highlights

    • It's surprising WWE hasn't acknowledged Maluta's connections to the Anoa'i family, but Kendrick brought it up in a promo, so that's something.
    • I love how Kendrick can make a handshake look angry.
    • WWE needs to make a stable with every active member of the Anoa'i family, including the women.
    • Another video package for Akira Tozawa played before the match, with Kalisto talking about how tough Tozawa is in the ring.

WWE's First Parlay

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    Jack Gallagher and Ariya Daivari came out for the parlay they agreed to Monday night. The ring was set up with a table and chairs so that they could sit down and talk this out like gentlemen.

    Once it was clear they would not come to a mutual understanding, Gallagher proposed an I Forfeit match, which is the exact same thing as an I Quit match, but more British.

    Gallagher took exception to Daivari throwing his umbrella out of the ring, so The Extraordinary Gentleman attacked him. They beat on each other until a handful of officials came out to separate them.


    Grade: C-


    Notes and Highlights

    • Gallagher is more English than the Queen of England. He even named his umbrella William.
    • I like both of these guys for different reasons, but the feud feels forced at this point.
    • What's with WWE Superstars naming inanimate objects?

Tony Nese vs. Rich Swann

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    Rich Swann looks to put Tony Nese away.
    Rich Swann looks to put Tony Nese away.Credit: WWE.com

    The main event featured Tony Nese taking on Rich Swann, which is the perfect way to get Swann ready to face Neville. The Premier Athlete's power and speed make him a great substitute for The Man That Gravity Forgot.

    They started off with a quick pace and didn't slow down until Nese started inflicting some serious punishment to the cruiserweight champion.

    After a fun, competitive match, Swann picked up the win with his trademark spin kick. He gave a promo addressing Neville, which brought him out to respond.

    Swann is a great wrestler, but he has not been as strong on the mic. This segment was evidence he needs to work on his promo skills.


    Grade: B


    Notes and Highlights

    • I don't know why, but the wings sticking out from the sides of Swann's trunks bother me.
    • When he eventually makes the turn, Nese will be a great babyface. He has all the skills needed to get the crowd behind him.
    • Austin Aries and Corey Graves are the best commentators in WWE. They are endlessly entertaining while calling a match.
    • Swann needs to name his finisher.

    What did you think of this week's 205 Live?


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