Clemson Tigers Fans Celebrate Beating Alabama, Winning National Championship

Andrew Gould@AndrewGould4Featured ColumnistJanuary 10, 2017

The Clemson Tigers are national champions. 

On Monday night, the team rallied from a double-digit deficit to defeat the Alabama Crimson Tide, 35-31. Considering the Tigers earned their last title in 1981, many fans—and nearly the entire student body—witnessed a first.

They celebrated accordingly. The State captured the raucous scene on campus after Deshaun Watson tossed the game-winning touchdown to Hunter Renfrow with one second remaining:

Fans also went wild at Fat Harry's, a sports bar in New Orleans:

The party continued in Clemson, South Carolina, after the Tigers' thrilling win:

Some fans, unfortunately, used the outcome as an excuse to exude unruly behavior:

Although the Auburn Tigers' season ended in a 35-19 Sugar Bowl loss to the Oklahoma Sooners, students celebrated their rival's shared misfortune:

Alabama fans, of course, did not exude the same enthusiasm. 

That will teach the TV screen to not let him watch one of the most exciting championship games ever.

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