Bill Walton Invites Michelle Beadle to His Room During CFP Championship Coverage

Rivea RuffContributorJanuary 9, 2017

Bill Walton's got a remedy for long life. Or at least that's what he told ESPN's Michelle Beadle.

Walton joined the "ESPN Voices" broadcast coverage for the national championship on Monday and dressed for the occasion as only Walton could—in an Uncle Sam costume.

Walton's typical colorful antics really kicked into gear when Beadle made an offhand comment about taking her antioxidants to live to an old age.

Walton chimed in and told her to stop by his room later on for his own personal remedy.

"I've got something for that," he said. 

A notably shocked and amused Beadle responded, "That's the most action I've gotten in months."