WWE Royal Rumble: Why Goldberg Must Continue to Dominate Brock Lesnar

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistJanuary 10, 2017

Goldbergcredit: wwe.com

Goldberg has become the most unlikely top babyface in WWE, and much of that is thanks to his complete dominance of Brock Lesnar at 2016's Survivor Series. The former WCW champion's win over The Beast Incarnate shocked the world and left Lesnar with some serious unfinished business.

But that business should remain unfinished, because Goldberg should continue to best The Beast.

Many fans likely believe that the heat between the two men would boil over at the upcoming Royal Rumble on January 29, and that will surely be the case. Both Goldberg and Lesnar will be in the Rumble match and will undoubtedly clash at some point.

If Lesnar doesn't go after Goldberg, Goldberg will definitely go after Lesnar.

Goldberg may have the advantage over Lesnar in terms of wins and losses, but that won't stop Goldberg from targeting Paul Heyman's client. Having nothing to prove will mean nothing to Goldberg; he's a killing machine, just like Lesnar.

But despite what happens during their confrontation at the Royal Rumble, Goldberg should come out on top. He could even eliminate Lesnar, which would undoubtedly make the crowd explode. Goldberg is extremely over with the WWE faithful, and every time he does something big, the fans react.

Goldberg is untouchable, and he should stay that way.

The biggest reason for Goldberg's continued dominance is Lesnar's monstrous booking. Up until Survivor Series, Lesnar had been portrayed as unstoppable. Top talents from Roman Reigns to Dean Ambrose to Randy Orton took their best shots but were unable to even slow him down.

Lesnar was a force of nature, and no one in WWE had a prayer of taking him out. 

He was just too ferocious, too intense and far too focused to fall. His only mission was complete destruction every time the bell rang, and no one did it better than him. Lesnar was the closest thing WWE had to Mike Tyson, and it looked as though no one would ever be able to take out The Beast Incarnate.

But Goldberg had his number.

Lesnar's cockiness and overconfidence finally came back to haunt him. Though he had always been a monster, he had never really met anyone like Goldberg. That was true when the two faced off at WrestleMania XX, and it was true 12 years later at Survivor Series.

Goldberg was not intimidated by Lesnar. He didn't buy into the hype surrounding Lesnar and never doubted his ability to defeat him. Goldberg was an anomaly, a once-in-a-lifetime competitor, and never really had an equal.

He was Lesnar's heroic mirror image, which is why the feud got over. That's also why Lesnar shouldn't get over on Goldberg now.

Lesnar met his match, and that story is far more compelling than the tales of his invincibility in the ring. Lesnar the conqueror was dynamic, intriguing and extremely popular for a long time in WWE. He was over with fans who loved watching him wreak havoc and became the top Superstar because of it.

But though it was fun to watch, it eventually became boring.

With no competition to test him and keep him sharp, Lesnar lost his edge. He physically decimated the top guy in the company, John Cena. Reigns was believed to be Cena's heir apparent but couldn't overcome Lesnar. Ambrose had the ability to use weapons against Lesnar but still lost.

Even Orton couldn't slither his way to a win over The Beast.

The Undertaker also lost his feud with Lesnar, which surely left many fans shaking their heads. Lesnar got the last word on the man who is arguably WWE's biggest attraction of all time and never looked back. After beating every top talent WWE could offer, what was left for Lesnar?

More importantly, why would anyone care?

There is no drama in watching Lesnar constantly annihilate his opponents. To see him finally taken down makes him a much more compelling character while also creating a top protagonist in Goldberg. Lesnar had no answer for Goldberg at Survivor Series, and the same should be true at the Royal Rumble.

Though fans surely expect Lesnar to get the best of Goldberg, they're also surely hoping that won't be the case. If Goldberg defies the odds and has a tremendous showing against Lesnar at the Rumble, then the story can continue.

Fans will be buzzing like they were after Survivor Series, and all eyes will be on the future. 

That future will likely involve WrestleMania 33, when Lesnar and Goldberg should have the rubber match of their rivalry. WrestleMania is a night when anything can happen, and Lesnar could very well come out of the match as the winner.

But there's no reason to end Goldberg's dominance now. 

Both men have more to gain if Goldberg remains in the driver's seat, and now it's up to WWE to stay the course. 


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