Hockey Just Found a New Fan

Andrew PhillipsCorrespondent IJune 2, 2008

After watching tonight's epic Game Five of the 2008 Stanley Cup Finals, I have been won over by the sport of hockey.


I live and breathe baseball and football, but now see why others do the same with hockey. When Max Talbot scored the tying goal with 34.3 seconds left in regulation, I could feel the energy drain out of Joe Louis Arena.

By scoring that tying goal, Talbot did two things: Save the Penguins season, and deal a heavyweight-like blow to the stomachs of all the 20,066 fans packed in the arena.

I was intrigued. Hockey, to me, has always been OK. Being in New York, I have the '94 Rangers to look back on...but that's about it. With the advent of HD technology, hockey has become more fun to watch this season, especially on Sundays during the prime-time slot on NBC. 

Marc-Andre Fleury stopped 55 shots tonight. Sidney Crosby was not a huge factor, as many thought he would simply have to be in order for the Penguins to win this Game Five. The people in Vegas had the Penguins as over 2:1 underdogs tonight.

I'm sure it will be a lot different for Game Six on Wednesday night. I'll be tuning in rather than watching the Yankees or merciless Mets do their thing.

Why not? Hockey has roped me in.