Can These "Young UM Hurricanes" Man Up To The Hype..?

Daton O. FullardContributor IOctober 7, 2009

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - OCTOBER 3:  The band as the Miami Hurricanes take the field before their start of the game against the Oklahoma Sooners on October 3, 2009 at Landshark Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

What has become so readily apparent about this very young 2009-2010 Football Season. Is that nothing appears to be what it really is. Granted that everyone and their grandmother has an opinion about what they think may yet happen. No one really knows anything about this 2009 season to be considered a sure thing.

Given the early season projected assessments by so many who considered themselves to be experts at what they thought would happen. Versus what has actually happened thus far. There is many a pundit with scrambeld eggs and even some mayo. Spread on the faces of many analysts, forecasters and prognosticators bibs.

I have read so much about where the University of Miami would probably be after their daunting first four games. It was Randy Shannon this and Randy Shannon that etc. They would be lucky to go 0 and 4. Win maybe 1 of 4. If you were somewhat generous maybe 2 and 2. Few were optimistic enough to even venture into the 3 and 1 zip code. If you were on medication of some type and your blood was Orange Green and White.

Perhaps even as a true die-hard Cane Fan you were not to be blamed. If you allowed your self to harbor an opinion. Albeit deemed foolish and homicidal enough (which you did not dare want to speak publicly). That 4 and 0 was somehow really even remotely in the realm of possibility.

Going up against what was deemed in the Preseason hype run-up before the season. To be a consensus schedule everyone considered to be a Murderer's Row lineup. 

Coming out of the box to face 4 top 25 teams. Two on the road and two at home. Well somehow the Coach so many love to hate and second guess. Does somehow manage to do the deed. Many considered to be not impossible but highly improbable.

By turning this young very dynamic team over to a poised yet seemingly not yet battle tested Sophomore QB Jacory Harris. Proud holder of a lofty record of only 2 collegiate starts before this season. Installing a completely new base offense. Developed and run by Mark Whipple, a cagey crafty veteran Offensive Coordinator. With the guile and gutsiness of a highly skilled Cat Burglar.

Bringing aboard another equally brand new Defensive Coordinator in John Lovett. Who is steadily and slowly beginning to get His Philosophy defensive principles and style in place. Coupled with a raw but exciting group of young enthusiastic players. Whose upside is already causing many Canes fans. To drool and even some to hyperventilate rather profusely about this young teams upside.

While it surely has been a long drought for true hardcore Hurricane fans and supporters. The bandwagon once again is rapidly filling up with "the we are back folks". Although it is only an opinion. We meaning the "U" are not quite back just yet folks. Please take a chill pill and Calm down just a little bit.

I for one have always felt that the U you will truly be back. When there is some True Coaching an Athletic Department stability and some continuity. If you look back at the various Dynasties at UM. You truly need to have some degree of stability as a base within the program.

You can see this component at its best on display in the 25 year. Nearly 3 decade highly succesful run the University of Miami has had. Some key but essential things still however are needed to further rebuild and restore this proud program.

(1) One of the things that is essential is when this program can effectively recruit players. That want to truly be at the U and want to win. Which it is now becoming apparent Coach Randy Shannon has committed his staff to do. Since getting the Head Coaching Job. Coach Shannon and his staff has then gone out and gotten the recruitng program firmly on track. With several stellar recruiting classes.

(2) He has effectively hired and hopefully will try and retain Coaches who want to coach and be at UM and not hurry away. Seeking to go somewhere else where there maybe some greener pastures.

This part of the equation is not yet clear with the present Coaching Hires. Offensive Coordinators and Defensive Coordinators as well as other critical Coaching Positions. It is a bit early to see how this will shake itself out in the next couple of seasons. 

(3) Finally delivering on a true commitment to allow open competition to truly become the "U" standard once again. A vital component that determines and decides playing time. All the great competitive standards of excellence. Built up by the Past Hurricane Teams. Were vital and critical instrumental benchmarks that created this excellent foundation and proud tradition. Which is now a lynchpin component of the "U" Family Heritage.

Which is now recognized as the Platinum Standard any football program has to begin to measure itself by. If it aspires to truly be great over a significant period of time. Do these current young and youthful "Baby Canes" have this mojo yet ?

Well we will surely see if they can do so in the next 8 "Trap" games. Which yet lie in the road ahead of them. Where they have the opportunity to further measure or distinguish themselves by how well they will do over the next 8 weekends.

I for one think they can if they can somehow remain focused on the biggest prize. Yet unseen at this present day juncture of this unpredictable 2009 Football season.

They must continue to take just one small step at a time. While leaving all the ACC and BCS Championship Bowl Hype to others outside of the program. While just going out and handling their own day to day business. Letting all the final chips fall where ever they may.

This still just might turn out to be the beginning of another interesting Chapter of it's a "New Canes Thang"