Florida State: GT A Must Win For FSU Football

Matt Shea@isheax407Correspondent IOctober 7, 2009

It's time. The time is past. Two games after mauling the Brigham Young Cougars, the 'Noles need an upset and need it in the worst way. Being favored over Boston College by a TD and while only scoring three touchdowns to their four may have hurt, yet I see promise. After giving up three touchdowns I saw an inspired second half from our defense that only gave seven points to Boston College, unfortunately those were the decisive ones. Now that we are completely out of the national spotlight we can focus more.

Getting back in would be easier if we can find a way to win against Georgia Tech this weekend. I think that our secondary should be the main focus of Bowden, Inc. They gave up 3 passing touchdowns in the first half last weekend, there's no way to win when that stuff happens. I think the 'Noles secondary will step up this Saturday in a game against two great coaches that have been somewhat inconsistent lately.

The running game is the next point of focus for the 'Noles as a good passing game is worthless if you can't control the ball for more than 30 minutes in a 60 minute game. Until we keep the ball for at least 36 minutes a game, we can't win. This can only be accomplished through pound-it football.

We can't lose any more games if we have any aspirations of going bowling in the postseason. It's time to take on the mentality of the 90's and JUST WIN. Go Do It 'Noles! The TRUE fans are still behind ya and we just wanna be successful! Good Luck Guys!