It's Going Down! CVC: Worst Wrestler In The WWE Today

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IOctober 7, 2009

What's up guys?

It's Svyato hitting you guys up with some info on an upcoming Creature Vs Creature. The topic of the CVC is the world wrestler in the WWE today. Some people have entered. I even had one enter then drop out. Oh well. Here is a list of people in the competition...

Svyato Rovenchuk(Me)-John Cena


Mr. Taylor-Hornswoggle

Benjamin David-Vladmir Kozlov

Marina(RKO Numba 1 Fan)-Big Show

Jev-Great Khali

Bill The Wonder Kid-Mark Henry

If you wish to join here are links to the rosters and pick yourself a guy out...


A few simple things to keep in mind...

  • Since I am very generous about this the deadline will be October 31st. Until that day people can vote for their favourite article and no one can say they didn't have enough time.
  • How you win is you have the most POTD votes or "Likes." For example let's say the competition is over. Let's say Jev got 17 votes, I got 9, Marina got 12, etc. The win would obviously go to Jev.
  • Writers must have at least one match with their chosen superstar which was truly a snooze fest. For example I have John Cena, I can do RVD Vs Cena ECW One Night Stand. By the way I am doing that.
  • Writers must provide plenty of evidence to back up their case on why chosen superstar is indeed the worst.
  • This one goes out to the voters. Just because you hate the superstar don't just vote for the article, vote for the one you truly feel was written the best.
  • You are allowed to use divas in the competition, but don't just say they are the worst because they are divas and can't wrestle because that may not be the case. For example, Mickie James is a better wrestler than Khali, Melina is better than Hornswoggle, etc.
  • All the basics, like no copy writing, having someone write it for you, etc.
  • If you deliver your article a little late I may still accept it. For example, if you deliver it 2 hours later I will still take it. If it's delivered later than 4 hours past the deadline I will not accept it.
  • You are allowed to have help from friends, but don't have them have every idea and you just copy it down.

Good luck to everyone in the competition and possible joiners and remember that wrestling rocks!