Jenna Jameson Causes Major UFC Controversy

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Jenna Jameson Causes Major UFC Controversy

A war of words has erupted over UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman pulling out of UFC 106, and the words are not coming from former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz, but his babymama, the world's most (in)famous retired porn star Jenna Jameson.

When Mark Coleman’s manager, Mark DiSabato, went on the attack yesterday many MMA fans were anxious to see what Tito's response would be. However, Tito never said a word. Instead, word came from his globally-famous XXX girlfriend-for-life.

Jenna posted five Tweets regarding the controversy last night.  

“i am sad to see that Mark Coleman must rely on his mouuthpiece to do his cleanup work for dropping out…”

“he feels that taking personal stabs at my character, will help hom get a payday with Tito…”

“lets keep it in the octagon, Coleman…. shall we?”

“I chuckle at the fact that Titos apponents are so desperate, that they need to say terrible things about me… go ice you knee, mark”

“its a sad day in MMA, when a fighter and his “manager” attacks a new mommy in order to get attention. – wish him luck with rehab…”

Tito kicked off the war of words Monday night when he Tweeted that Coleman was a “sissy” for pulling out of their UFC 106 fight. That caused DiSabato to go on the attack  yesterday, calling out Tito and Jenna.

Disabato stated that Coleman had no choice but to withdraw after he tore his MCL, however they wanted to reschedule for a later date, possibly UFC 108 in January.

It looks like Tito and Jenna are happier with the controversy.

Jenna has been looking for a new controversy for a while, and now she found it.

Photos of Tito and Jenna (well, mostly Jenna during her heyday) here:

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