The Los Angeles Lakers: Is This The Beginning Of A New Dynasty?

Allen LieuCorrespondent IJune 2, 2008

Kobe Bryant, who finally was recognized for his amazing accomplishments this season as the regular season MVP, isn't done adding to an already amazing 2008 season. Who would've thought that the superstar, angry at the beginning of the year, would be here at this very moment? This was the guy who wanted to be traded because he felt the Laker franchise was not moving to improve.

However, Andrew Bynum, a steal for the Lakers, was playing like a man possessed before he went down with the injury to his knee. He was replacing Kwame Brown but when Bynum went down, I thought the season was going to be over. How could the Lakers contend without a Big Man?

Chris Mihm seems like he can never be healthy. Kwame's story? He just looked super lost. At times he seemed like he didn't care. Even Laker fans booed him for all of his miscues. Sadly, Bynum is not playing in this year's playoffs but there are many great years left!

One day when I was in class I was surfing Yahoo Sports and I couldn't believe the news! Pau Gasol, the Spanish import from the Memphis Grizzlies was coming over to Los Angeles for Kwame Brown and two other players. Even though the Lakers assumed his huge contract (Kwame had a huge contract too), it was worth it. We went from a club who was going to compete in the playoffs to one of the most deadly teams in the league!

This is the beginning of a new dynasty. The bench is extremely solid, with both veterans and young guys. Trevor Ariza, before he went down, has amazing dunking abilities (see that game where he posterized Grant Hill during Christmas). The Lakers have sharpshooters in Radmanovic, Fisher, Farmar and Vujacic. They have the guy who never lets up in Turiaf. They have an amazing passer in Walton. That's just their bench!

How about that other guy, number 24? Yeah he's just amazing. You mix him him with Odom, and Gasol and you got the Lakers' Big Three. How about when Bynum comes back? That'll be scary. The Lakers' Big Four!

Are the Lakers better than the Celtics? This series will determine whether Phil Jackson will get his 10th championship, whether this season will end with a storybook ending and whether Boston is all hype. Boston almost lost to Atlanta and it was a long series vs Cleveland. Boston's Big Three isn't getting any younger and they desperately want to win. Hopefully the Lakers will wear down the old legs of the Big Three.

My prediction: Lakers in 6.