Winners On The Four Best SEC Games: Three Extra Just For Fun.

Jonathan KelleyCorrespondent IOctober 7, 2009

ATHENS, GA - OCTOBER 03: Head coach Les Miles of the Louisiana State University Tigers celebrates after defeating the Georgia Bulldogs at Sanford Stadium on October 3, 2009 in Athens, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

This should be the most exciting weekend of the season to date. There are great games at even better venues all around the conference and nation. Lets start with the best from out of conference first.

Wisconsin 5-0 at No. 9 Ohio St. 4-1

Ohio St has had its way with Big 10(11) teams for most of this decade. It is no surprise that they are the favorites over and unbeaten and underrated Wisconsin team. However the Badgers are playing their best ball of the last three years, and finally have some form of consistent QB play. Will T. Pryor finally have the breakout game that Buckeye fans have longed far all year or will Wisconsin lay stake its claim as the Big 10 banner carrier.

It will be strength on strength with Ohio St. having a top 10 defense and Wisconsin's Offense ranking 11th. The Ohio St. Offense has a slight edge ranking 54th with Wisconsin's Defense coming in at 63rd.

Bottom Line: Wisconsin steals the show and wins 24 to 17 on the road.

Michigan 4-1 at No. 12 Iowa 5-0

Iowa is legit I don't care what the Coaches or AP say right now this is the best team North of the Mason Dixon line. Michigan is far better than anyone could have thought they would be in year two of ole Rich Rodz system. This should be an interesting battle to see if Iowa can shutdown another spread offense capable of scoring in groves.

Iowa should improve its offensive numbers when facing the 91st Michigan D, on the flip side Michigan's D could say the same facing thee 74th Offense in the country. Iowa has a top 35 defense to contend with Michigan's 48th rated offense. This will come down to how well Tate performs on the road in front of a hyped Iowa crowd.

Bottom Line: Iowa wins this one without to much drama 28-14

No. 21 Nebraska 3-1 at No. 24 Missouri 4-0

If some had said at the beginning of the year this game would decide the Big 12 North champ most of us would have laughed. Well no one is laughing now. Both of these teams have been surprisingly good all year. As it turns out there is life after Daniels and Maclain, and Bo Peleni can coach. The only loss for Nebraska came on the road to a very good Va Tech team. Missouri may be undefeated but they also have not really been tested to date. This game is huge for the title hopes of both teams.

Missouri has a very slight edge on offense but Nebraska has a much improve Defense ranking at 21st overall and No. 1 in points allowed per game. The Nebraska offense is 19th in the nation going against a 59th ranked Missouri D. Still look for Missouri to move the ball well against a Nebraska team that has not played a top 30 offense.

Bottom Line: Nebraska will take a tough one on the road 38-30

Ah it is October and the SEC slate is starting to serve up a buffet of great games. This has to be one of the most exciting times in the best league in America. This month will more than likely decide the west and east champs (however Nov. 7th in T-town will clinch the west for the winner), and also tell us who are posers and contenders.

Georgia 3-2 at Tennessee 2-3

Has there ever been a game between these two when both soooo needed a win. Georgia could be looking at a 6-6 season wit a loss, and Tennessee could be headed to total ruin without a win. If Lane ever needed to prove himself on the field the time is now, and Mark's chair will be really warm if the Bulldogs lose to a pitiful Vol team.

Tennessee is just plain pathetic, there is no other way to put it the defense is out of shape, Crompton is God Awful, and Lane Kiffin is more concerned about how much he gets beat by than winning. The Bulldogs are the most schizophrenic team I have ever seen in the SEC. One week they look like a high flying attack the next week they can not move the ball. Forget the stats this game will come down to who wants it more.

Bottom Line: Mark has been here before and will pull it together to beat a very below average Tennessee team 28-10

No. 17 Auburn 5-0 at Arkansas 2-2

WOW!! Who would have imagined after last years performance Auburn could move the ball like this. I don't care if their opponent is air the stats are still impressive. Auburn's defense however has fallen off the map according to their standards. Arkansas has a QB in Ryan Mallett who can move the ball on anyone. This game will be decided by two things. 1) Antonio Colmen if he comes alive and can hit Ryan a few times Auburn will cruise to victory. 2) If Auburn can not pressure Mallett the winner will be whoever has the ball last.

Auburn is in the top five in all categories offensively but one(passing) and can score in bunches. The Defense for both teams is well below average for SEC standards. Some might argue that they are the worst two defensive teams in the League. Arkansas can pass like it is going out of style but the run game will have to contribute some to win this game.

Bottom Line: Look far a Barn Burner with Arkansas taking advantage of home field winning 49-45

No. 3 Alabama 5-0 at No. 20 Ole Miss 3-1

This was supposed to be the battle for the West. Ole Miss was supposed to be a dark-horse for the National Title. This was supposed to be the springboard for Jevan Snead in the Heisman race. This was going to be the game where the Crimson Tide got exposed for poor QB play, and a green offensive line. Well, my my how things have changed since August. The O-line of Bama is fine, this could be Greg McElroy's coming out party, Ole Miss is having line problems, and Jevan Snead is the only QB in doubt going into this game.

Alabama leads the League in sacks, and can make a QB pay dearly for poor decisions and holding onto the ball too long. Bama is in the top 10 in almost every category on offense and defense. Ole Miss is barley in the top 50. Dexter will have a tme running against the No. 2 run d in America. Look for Ole Miss to be a much improved team however finally playing the underdog role they love so much. This game is always close especially in Oxford.

Bottom Line: If Snead makes one mistake its over. It still won't matter Alabama wins big in Oxford 42-17

No. 1 Florida 4-0 at No. 4 LSU 5-0

Les Miles is the luckiest man alive. This cat could win the lottery without buying a ticket. What type of team is LSU anyway? The only thing we do know about them is they find ways to win. Will Tebow play or won't he? That is the million dollar question mark going into this game. Either way Florida is in pretty good shape to walk out of Death Valley a winner. However how well can a sophomore QB handle the stress and noise of Death Valley at night. Tebow lost his sophomore year in front of this crowd so really what chance does Brantley have?

Florida is in the Top 10 of almost every category you can come up with, but who have they played? Kentucky is not that good, Tennessee is awful, Troy finally won a game, and Charleston Southern is not even FBS. So how good is Florida. LSU is well 5-0. I don't what other complement one can give a team that has been flaccid against mediocre  opponents all year. If either of these teams wants to be a champion they ad best make a statement in this game.

Bottom Line: This will be a close game going down to the wire no matter who is quarterbacking at Florida. However LSU is so lucky that I think that will win in spite of Les Miles' coaching ability 24-21